Express Vendor Membership - Monthly

Express Vendor Membership - Monthly - Leading Management Solutions

This Membership is best suited for Businesses who are unable to make our Events due to time constraints or their physical location. This is a great way to still have a strong local presence without physically being at our Events.

This Membership costs 12 monthly payments of $40, set to auto-renew monthly via a subscription account.

This Membership includes:

- Your Marketing Materials included in all Attendee Resource Bags at all of our Events

- Your Company Logo added to our website with a link to your website

- Your Ad displayed on a Direct Mail campaign of 250 Event Postcards inviting local Businesses and Professionals to attend our Events (you can select the Event so that you reach your target audience)

- Your 15-sec video ad created and shown on a Digital Screen at the Registration Desk at 2 Events of your choice.

Also enjoy Member Discounts provided by our Community Partners, including




All Memberships are 12-month Memberships. You can choose the date when your Membership starts (first Event you participate in OR first Marketing Consultation) and it will last 12 months from that day and you will be charged 12 monthly payments total.

Events that we host for other Clients are not included in this Vendor Membership, but you will receive a 20% discount on their Vendor fees.